Sunday, May 16, 2010

How did Japan become an imperial power?

PLease give detailed answers. No "I dont know"s or anything like that.

How did Japan become an imperial power?
In the 20th century Japan began the process of acquiring external territories. They acquired ports in China after the war with Russia in 1905. They also acquired Korea and Manchuria before what the west regards as the beginning of WW II, but they had been fighting China and acquiring territory for the whole of the 1930s.

Of course, after Pearl Harbour they acquired an expansive empire but did not hold it long.
Reply:because they have an Emperor,simply that ,and they have had emperors for centuries.

places with kings and queens like England,Netherlands,Sweden,Spain are called Kingdoms,and places with presidents are called republics
Reply:I don't know if this is specifically what you're asking for. However, Japan did defeat the Russians in the Russo-Japanese War, which did prove to foreign countries Japan's strength. It would help if you specify what time period.
Reply:One word: TOYOTA
Reply:mainly by exploiting other people
Reply:lol, where did you get that from?
Reply:I think you need to specify the period when they became an imperial power. There were different factors that contributed for Japan becoming an imperial power.

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